Do you know what fascia is? If you do you are in the minority. Yes ago I had a plastic surgeon as a client debate with me the ability of this tissue to change. His medical training told him one thing, the disappearance of his chronic back pain from his Rolfing sessions told him another […]


This article appeared in the June 2011 issue of  Structural Integration, The Journal of the Rolf Institute. Introduction The first thing I teach all my clients is how to breathe. When I can get my clients breathing correctly, it helps them manage their stress, and hopefully they won’t need me anymore. After breathing, the next […]


Barefoot running is taking off. It started as a weird thing that a few runners did. Now non-running magazines are writing about it. The July issue of Men’s Health has an article on Barefoot running. The article nails it. The wrong debate has been promulgated by journalists,” says Daniel Lieberman, a professor in human evolutionary […]

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Daniel Lieberman, a professor in human evolutionary biologist at Harvard whose January study in Nature outlines his thesis about how we are meant to run, has an excellent YouTube video. He went to Africa to learn how endurance runners ran for more than a million years. Lieberman claims humans evolved to run. His research inspired […]


Image via Wikipedia A reader of Lifehacker wrote about a simple solution to heal your plantar fasciitis: roll your foot on a bottle.It stretches your foot—AND strengthens the deep structures of your foot. There’s another activity that has the exact same effect: running  naturally, barefoot or in minimalist shoes, using Running Flow™. Ida Rolf, PhD, […]