It can be hard believing how to running naturally could be easy and powerfully effective.  We are taught that the bio-mechanics of our bodies are complicated and only the exercise physiologists and the shoe companies understand it. I am here to tell you it is really simple and when practiced, it works. The quotes below are from clients and students who applied Running Flow™ to their running.

I started going to Owen for Rolfing before I started running regularly. He taught me the correct way to walk, hold myself, and the correct way to run. When I started running seriously, I was about 40 pounds overweight–but I never got hurt. I didn’t realize how strange that was until I started training for 10K races, and reading runners’ blogs and stuff. They were all talking about pains and injuries I’d had never had to deal with–knee pain, plantar fasciitis, heel spurs. Then I started reading about Running Flow™, and I realized THAT was why I hadn’t even gotten hurt. I was doing it right! —Theresa Renner

I had a recurring knee problem. After only ONE session with Owen, where he taught me what I was doing wrong when I was running, the knee problem has never come back. — Meadow Romney Summers, founder of Six Rivers Market

I started running when I was 24. I ran a lot.  I absolutely loved it. My knees were fine but my ankles and hips were not.  I used to buy three different pairs of shoes at a time because they said alternating them instead of wearing the same ones would help.  I managed to run four marathons even though I suffered before, during and after each one.  When I finished the last one, my hips hurt so intensely that I vowed I would never run again.  So for six years I only rode my bike.

Recently I started working with Owen. He not only helped me release my old tension – he taught me what it was to walk and run naturally.

The other day, I ran four miles with my 16 year old granddaughter.  I not only kept up with her, but I didn’t hurt during or after. I don’t really understand why, but I don’t need to.  I’m running again.  I absolutely love it. —Valerie, 58

This year, I did not train as hard for Bloomsday as I did last year. But by using the Running Flow™ techniques, I still took 4 minutes off my time. Jodie Newsom, 38-yr-old mom of 3 and casual runner

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