Barefoot running is taking off. It started as a weird thing that a few runners did. Now non-running magazines are writing about it. The July issue of Men’s Health has an article on Barefoot running. The article nails it. The wrong debate has been promulgated by journalists,” says Daniel Lieberman, a professor in human evolutionary […]

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Free Running Guide

by Owen Marcus on May 30, 2010

We put together a free guide on how to run in the Flow. This short guide displayed on top of the right sidebar lists the key principles and cues for running naturally. Over the years I kept coming up with simpler and simpler ways to teach people to run in a way that is easy, […]


Image by Getty Images via Daylife Do you love running… but you’re sick of hurting? Want to run farther and/or faster… but can’t seem to get past that “wall”? Need motivation… but can’t seem to get going? If you’ve tried orthotics, physical therapy, massage, stretching, cross-training… and nothing works, maybe you’re doing it wrong! Yes, […]