Does Your Running Hurt?

by Owen Marcus on April 30, 2010

Hunters in Kenya.

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You may love to run, but can’t – it just hurts. You miss the feeling of being out on a run. You say you are willing to about anything to be able to run.

Is that true? Are you willing to forget much of what you learned, to learn the natural form of running? I posted a short article on running pain free.

Barefoot running has taken off because it allows you to run with the most natural gait possible, but you don’t need to run barefoot to run naturally. You can learn the barefoot form using running shoes.

Running like walking is what we are meant to do. About 2 million years ago, anthropologists postulate, humans began eating meat. But the only evidence of weapons is 200,000 years old. So humans were using persistence hunting for almost 2 million years. When we run naturally we can out run any animal. When we are in our flow there is no effort, our endurance is limitless.

Is running easy and natural for you? If so, what is your secret?

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