Does Your Running Hurt?

April 30, 2010

You may love to run, but can’t – it just hurts. You miss the feeling of being out on a run. You say you are willing to about anything to be able to run. Is that true? Are you willing to forget much of what you learned, to learn the natural form of running? I […]

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The Science of Natural Walking and Running

April 29, 2010

Running Flow™ developed out of my work with teaching people to walk and run naturally. Natural walking and running is what we are meant to do, it is what our ancestors did. Two of my colleagues who share my passion for natural movement put together a research paper describing the mechanics of natural movement. We […]

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Running Flow™ Clinic – May 22

April 25, 2010

Image by Getty Images via Daylife Do you love running… but you’re sick of hurting? Want to run farther and/or faster… but can’t seem to get past that “wall”? Need motivation… but can’t seem to get going? If you’ve tried orthotics, physical therapy, massage, stretching, cross-training… and nothing works, maybe you’re doing it wrong! Yes, […]

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