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June 28, 2010

Ammi, a participant in our recent running clinic wrote a fun post on how she discovered her running flow. As she describes, running can be no only fun, but also very easy. She was having flashes of the flow, but when she put on a pair of the Barefoot’s – Five Fingers by Vibram she […]

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The World Harmony Run

June 18, 2010

The Bonner County Human Rights Task Force is once again hosting the World Harmony Run at Sandpoint’s City Beach beginning at 4:30 pm on Thursday, 1 July 2010. The 2010 World Harmony Run is a global relay founded by global peace leader Sri Chinmoy that seeks to promote international friendship and understanding. As a symbol […]

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Do You Have a Running Injury?

June 16, 2010

I wrote an article for our local paper that is posted at our Sandpoint Wellness Council blog about running injuries. It is short , but to the point. Check it out. WikipediaWictionaryChambers (UK)Google imagesGoogle defineThe Free DictionaryJoin exampleWordNetGoogleUrban DictionaryAnswers.comrhymezone.comMerriam-Webster<>0 wvcidfjoguarm

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Free Running Guide

May 30, 2010

We put together a free guide on how to run in the Flow. This short guide displayed on top of the right sidebar lists the key principles and cues for running naturally. Over the years I kept coming up with simpler and simpler ways to teach people to run in a way that is easy, […]

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A Simple Plantar Fasciitis Solution

May 29, 2010

Image via Wikipedia A reader of Lifehacker wrote about a simple solution to heal your plantar fasciitis: roll your foot on a bottle.It stretches your foot—AND strengthens the deep structures of your foot. There’s another activity that has the exact same effect: running  naturally, barefoot or in minimalist shoes, using Running Flow™. Ida Rolf, PhD, […]

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Barefoot Running Convert

May 27, 2010

Image via CrunchBase “Wow! You must have strong feet!” The elderly lady in the wheelchair, and her caretaker, gaped as I ran past them, barefoot. I grinned over my shoulder and said, “Well, God made feet perfect the first time, right? Why screw things up by putting shoes on?” I’ve always been a minimalist; I’ve always looked […]

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Why Aren’t You Running Barefoot?

May 11, 2010

Are you running barefoot? Why not? Animals do it. In this video from his Google appearance, Barefoot Ted McDonald outlines how he discovered running barefoot. Like any geek who majored in Rhetoric, he did all the research before even trying it. He wanted to learn all he could before he did something as crazy as […]

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Three Simple Ways to Improve Your Running

May 7, 2010

A recent article on gives you three ways to improve your running. The first is to increase your cadence (how many steps you take in a minute.) The author, Patrick McCrann, claims as you get your speed up, your position will improve. That’s certainly possible, but without the right mechanics to start with, you’re […]

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Beyond Barefoot Running

May 3, 2010

Image via Wikipedia Barefoot runners are not just taking off their shoes – they’re taking off as a movement. Ted McDonald, aka Barefoot Ted, was written up recently in a Seattle Times article. As a leading evangelist of running barefoot, his flock continues to grow. Sick of constant injuries, tired of spending $100 for new […]

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