Frequently Asked Questions About Running Flow™

Is Running Flow™ for beginners?

Absolutely. If you start running with the correct form, you won’t have to worry about injuries. One of my clients loves to tell people she started running when she weighed 205 pounds—but only after she had already learned Running Flow™—and has never had any of the injuries so familiar to novice runners. She’s currently training for a half-marathon, by the way.

I’ve run several marathons. How can Running Flow™ help ME?

Running Flow™ has been shown to increase speed and decrease injuries and recurring pain in the most elite runners—collegiate competitors and even Olympians. You will learn a new, EASIER way to run that will help you achieve new personal bests.

I only run two or three miles, a few times a week. Do I need Running Flow™?

If you have any pain, Running Flow™ will help you. If you want to ENJOY running more, Running Flow™ will help you.  If you’d like to run faster, or farther, or work toward a goal, like a 5k or 10k run, Running Flow™ will help you.

The clinic is 3 hours long—will I have to run that whole time?

No. There will be quite a bit of explanation of Running Flow™—the mechanics, the correct form, common mistakes—then you’ll have time to practice, and I will work with you, individually, to make sure you understand Running Flow™ and that you are correctly adapting the new running style.

Where can I see a demonstration of Running Flow™?

The best thing to do is to watch a child run. Honestly. Watch any kid under about 10 years old, and you’ll see the basics.

I already have plantar fasciitis/runner’s knee/Achilles tendon issues. Can Running Flow™ help me get rid of my pain?

Yes. One of the amazing things about Running Flow™ is that, once you understand the principles, you will continue to teach yourself. My clients tell me that if they notice any discomfort or pain while they’re running, they simply run through the list of Running Flow™ principles, make little adjustments, and their discomfort goes away.