Running Flow™ evolved out of 30 years working with clients, many of them elite runners.

We all are consciously and unconsciously taught how to walk and run. Our parents, gym teachers, coaches and drill sergeants told us how to stand, walk and run. Their intent was good, but the effects weren’t.

We all want to be straight and move efficiently. The problem is the model passed down over the years is not natural – it’s not what works. You are fighting gravity.

What you think is straight and aligned is not, 95% of the time. Watch people walk or run and you’ll see they’re actually leaning back. Their center of gravity is behind their midline. They may be hunched over, but even then their center of gravity is behind them.

Running Flow will teach you how to run naturally, using gravity. But Running Flow is more than running barefoot or using the latest orthotics to correct an old problem. It is unlearning what NEVER worked right, and learning what is innate for us humans.

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After working with thousands of clients, doing research with Arizona State University, and being the last resort for help for many people in pain, I have figured out a simple way to run in the Flow. When you find your flow, your natural groove, running becomes easy, injury-free and just fun.

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